Is it a Stand, is it a Wall Mount: Uform Design FRM / FRAME

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Uform Design have come up with a genius and beautiful iPad case – FRM / FRAME – which can be used as a tablet stand and as a wall mount at the same time. The designers are seeking funding through Kickstarter and Tablet2Cases have decided to help them by pledging money. The case will fit the iPad 2-4, as well as other similarly sized devices. The stand is basically a β€œC” channel offering just the right opening to fit the iPad. The back of the case features two bumpers ensuring perfect fit and preventing accidental slip outs. The case acts as a stand when placed on a table, or as a wall mount when attached to a wall via only two screws.

Simple and beautiful design of the case is perfectly in line with the Apple iPad aesthetics
The case can function as a tablet stand when placed on an even surface
Attached via two screws the case transforms into a tablet wall mount
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