Christmas Anticipation Didn’t Stop Angry Alex From Bashing More Cases

Angry Alex Week 7

Even Christmas can’t seem to cheer me up. Angry Alex is still not happy with the way most case makers treat the beautiful tablet devices. While the use of premium materials and some pretty functional designs can result in decent tablet cases, overall looks of most accessories is just dismal this week. Follow me to see for yourselves.

Take Berlin from KAVAJ for instance. Yes, there’s genuine leather exterior, and yes, the case is slim and lightweight, while covering the iPad Air from all sides. But looks at the quality of cut outs and stitching, surely they could’ve employed someone more skillful to produce the cases. At least there’s an integrated stand to make up for it.

KAVAJ Berlin The tablet folio covers the iPad Air in genuine leather, but the craftsmanship is far from perfect

While the design of the Bleecker Origami tablet folio case from Coach is attractive enough, the case lack in protective capabilities in my humble opinion. Just look at the way it hugs the tablet from the sides, there’s barely any material to resist bumps and impacts. Well, the case does sport the origami-style integrated stand and the auto sleep/wake function, but I wouldn’t go around dropping it.

Coach Bleecker Origami Attractive origami-style folio with stand and sleep/wake functions, a bit lacking in protection

Knomo have even named their latest folio Premium, but to be honest, it’s far from spectacular. Again, there’s the genuine leather construction, which looks good, but fails to deliver the necessary level of impact protection. The side bezels of the case are too thin to withstand anything heavier than a soft brush against the interior of a laptop bag. Otherwise, the case sports several slots and pockets, and integrated stand function.

Knomo Premium Folio Stylish design, genuine leather, integrated stand, pockets, but no real protection from the side

What I liked this week was the iPad Air version of the popular Saddleback Leather folio. As usual the company didn’t disappoint with their premium, highly durable leather, which not only offers manly looks, but delivers superior impact protection. Integrated stand function is there, as well as two buckle/flap locks we learned to love in previous versions, keep it up, Saddleback!

Saddleback iPad Case Highly durable, genuine leather exterior of the case provide great protection and classy looks

Well, what do you known, the Sony PS4 has just started shipping out, and there are already rumors about the next generation. According to the rumors, the PS5 design will be in line with the previous generations, but there will be a heavy use of blue color, now synonymous with Sony console. The pricing level is expected to remain in the $400-500 radius. As for the release date, well, considering it took Sony 7 years to come out with the successor to PS3, it might still be a while until we see the 5th gen hitting the shelves. In other news, Samsung has just filed a patent for dual-screen smartphone. From what we were able to gather from the description, it’s a foldable device with two interconnected displays, Nintendo 3DS anyone?

Sony PS5 Following just days after Sony PS4 official launch, rumors about the PS5 are already filling the air

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted taking his son Patrick to lunch. And guess what the Terminator is holding in his hand? That’s right, an iPad. And not just that, but an iPad covered in what seems to be a pretty cool folio case with Expendables 2 design print on it. Great choice, Arnie, not like anything, including iPads, needs protection in your hands… With the Expendables 3 hitting the silver screens next summer, the former Governor and his fellow cast members are expected to dress up their tablets in new covers pretty soon.

Schwarzenegger iPad Arnold Schwarzenegger protects his iPad with a folio case featuring Expendables 2 print
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