Angry Alex Plays Game of Thrones With Marc Jacobs

Angry Alex Week 10

The holidays are long gone and it’s business as usual with more cases for me to judge this week. Case makers have finally learned how to make quality iPad Air cases, but some of them still lack creativity when it comes to design, although things are moving in the right direction. Let’s take a look together.

Marc Jacobs designers have long been producing tablet accessories, and some of them can even compete with the best. Their latest endeavor – the Printed Mesh, is a bit too pricy for my taste. Even though it sports an attractive camouflage design, it’s just a basic tablet sleeve. It looks like you’re paying premium for the small designer’s plague on the front… A similar case from Wardmaster – Engraved Pattern, comes at a more affordable price.

Marc Jacobs Printed Mesh Basic tablet sleeve with interesting design print, but a little bit overpriced

GeekifyInc caters to a large army of Game of Thrones TV show fans with their latest book tablet case. The handmade line of cases comes with coat of arms designs for every House in the TV show. However, the case is only a primitive tablet book, besides the unique design you get nothing. Surely a pocket or a stylus holder could’ve fit in there.

GeekifyInc Game of Thrones iPad Cover Unique Game of Thrones design, but nothing more than a simple tablet book case

The iLuv Gaudi Sleeve delivers a great combo of attractive looks and multi-functional design. The sleeve is durable, lightweight, comes with a secure zipper lock, and an outer pocket for accessories. However, quite frankly I couldn’t establish the connection between the case’s design and Antoni Gaudi.

iLuv Gaudi Sleeve Multi-functional and great-looking sleeve, with an unclear choice of the name

My personal favorite this week was the Saddleback Leather’s take on the iPad Air case. As usual the maker uses outstanding quality leather, which will undoubtedly outlive the device and maybe even the whole industry. The case comes with two neat leather straps, which help with the integrated stand function and also close the folio up, when needed.

Saddleback Leather iPad Case Extra-durable leather construction with highly functional features and great looks

The tech industry is abuzz with all the rumors and speculations who will unveil what devices and technologies at the upcoming CES. In the meantime I was shocked to find out that the Royal Air Force have already been using 3D-printed parts on their Tornado jets. Now that’s the technological advancement speed we’re all looking for. If scientists can come up with the Hoverboard soon, remember, Marty McFly is supposed to fly it this year.

RAF uses 3D-printed parts for Tornado jets Royal Air Force utilizes 3D-printed parts on their Tornado jets, saving millions

Tablet device are really for everybody. Slash has been spotted tuning his guitar through a special iOS app on his iPad. The best thing is that he utilizes what looks to be a tablet stand to prop up his tablet. Unfortunately, the case doesn’t come with a built-in ashtray, but surely they can come up with one to meet his requirements. Great choice, Slash, rock on!

Slash and iPad case Slash uses an iOS app to tune his guitar and props his iPad up with a tablet stand case
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