Angry Alex Gets Disappointed With Tablet Designer Cases

Angry Alex week 11

We all know that all that glitters is not gold. But is this is also true in case of tablet accessories? I understand that charging several hundreds of dollars for a designer item is ok nowadays, but are they really better than the rest of the field? Let’s check some pricey cases out and decide for ourselves.

First up there’s the Textured-Leather from Mulberry. Yes, this tablet portfolio case is made from premium leather, and comes with lots of pockets and slots. But is it really worth the four hundred dollars they are asking for it? The Wallet from Happy Owl Studio is just as practical, if not more, but costs way less than the designer tablet case.

Mulberry Textured-Leather Beautiful and functional tablet designer case, but way too expensive

The Cross-Grain Leather from Burberry doesn’t even feature a price, must be in the thousands then. It is stylish, yes; it is made of genuine leather, yes. But with their usual approach to pricing, we can expect the portfolio to be more costly than the tablet itself. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get the logic behind this.

Burberry Cross-Grain Leather Burberry uses genuine leather to produce a portfolio with classy looks, but probably a very high price

SwitchEasy’s Pelle might not be in the same league as the previous two cases, but I thought it was also worth picking on. While it’s rather reasonably priced, it doesn’t really deliver anything except basic protection and special Key Lock feature. The latter is supposed to help stabilize the tablet in any of the viewing positions, but quite frankly I have real doubts about that, considering the thickness of the cover.

SwitchEasy Pelle Ordinary tablet folio case delivering questionable special Key Lock feature

The case I did like this week is the FreeStyle Cover from Belkin. It looks like an ordinary folio, but comes with a unique QuickStand feature. It allows users to freely rotate the device between orientations and even detach it from the case leaving only a shell to protect the tablet. Now that’s useful innovation, there’s actually 2 cases in 1, choose the one that suits your current needs.

Belkin FreeStyle Cover screenshot Innovative tablet folio combining two cases in one

Sharp may not be the brand name you associate with tablets, but that can soon be a thing of the past. The company has just revealed a whopping 16 inch device – the RW-16G. Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD specs speak for themselves, but there’s also a mini DisplayPort, SD card slot, and USB 3.0. Keeping my fingers crossed that Apple’s and Samsung’s market domination can be put to a tough test by this monster. Oh yeah, and it runs on Windows 8.1.

Sharp 16-inch tablet Giant 16-inch tablet with monstrous specs causes Apple and Samsung to lose their sleep

Tablets are really for everyone, and while ordinary people enjoy the productivity and entertainment tablet devices offer, who says that country leaders can’t do the same? Angela Merkel has been spotted browsing her iPad in between Bundestag sessions. It’s good to know that the German Chancellor cares about protecting her device. She’s using what seems to be a luxurious tablet folio case, great job, Angela.

Angela Merkel iPad Angela Merkel goes for the tablet folio case to shield her iPad
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