Angry Alex Takes Off Chastity Belts From Tablets

Angry Alex Week 13

It seems to me that tablet cases are getting uglier every week. Sure the designers are thinking about the protective qualities and functionality of the accessories, but who said cases don’t need to look good? I mean the iPad is a beautiful gadget on its own, why do we need to turn it into an ugly thing if we want a couple of extra functions? Alright, let’s take a look at this week’s masterpieces.

Besides the long name, the BlackBelt 3rd Degree Rugged Case from Kensington delivers a very tough body to shield the device. Yes, it’s protective as hell, but I’m not planning on playing baseball with my iPad anytime soon. The maker did add a kickstand and a possibility to ensure the case against thieves with the ClickSafe anchor. However, all that this case is reminding me of is a chastity belt.

Kensington BlackBelt 3rd Degree Rugged Case Highly-durable case with extra features, but extremely bulky and unnecessarily thick

Then come ANYMODE with their VIP Case V2. Yes, it’s a great slim and lightweight folio, but hardly a VIP. No pockets, no slots, no straps. And although there are three colors to choose from, they are all one-toned, without any excitement.

ANYMODE VIP Case V2 Simple folio tablet case with only one function – integrated stand, not VIP material in my books

The Tory from Itskins is in a class of its own. I really thought that studded designs were sooooo over, but apparently I was wrong. This folio does offer pretty durable exterior, as well as soft interior to take care of scratches. The thing I hate about it is the fact that the owner will need a pair of studded stilettos to go with the case, these things won’t go well with Converses.

Itskins Tory Protective folio with soft interior, but brutal, studded design

I really like the inScribe from MarBlue this week. It seems that after ditching Marware brand name, the maker has finally producing great accessories. This portfolio tablet cases has got it all: protection in and out, notepad to jot down those blockbuster scripts, various pockets and slots, elastic strap to keep it shut, and a stylus holder loop. And yes, it reclines as a stand as well. Me like.

MarBlue inScribe Multi-functional portfolio with durable protection and silent design

It seems that the talk of the tech town is the next installment in Samsung Galaxy S series. Not like we doubted it much, but the next gen smartphone will be called the Galaxy S5 according to a reputable source. As for the release date, it’s highly likely that the S5 will follow the footsteps of the predecessor and will see the light of day in April. The biggest change apart from the tech specs will be the looks of the phone. It’s said to be completely different, which can mean lots of things – most likely the Koreans will ditch the cheap plastic design. But then again it might come out with a curved screen, let’s wait until April and see, shall we?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S5 intensify, and April is named as most probable launch

iPads are here to stay. It looks like tablets are winning the war against paper notebooks in the German Parliament. Every second MP now uses a tablet at work, presumably to type the new law drafts and not watch YouTube. The good thing about Germans is that they know how important it is to protect their gadgets and almost everyone on them is using some sort of a case to shield their precious devices.

German Parliament iPads iPads are used by the majority of German Parliament members, most of them use cases
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