MagBak From Alex Baca and 1Lss Inc. Mounts the iPad Air Anywhere

  • Alex Baca and 1Lss Inc. MagBak
  • Alex Baca and 1Lss Inc. MagBak screenshot

Alex Baca and 1Lss Inc. have already collected the necessary funds at Kickstarter to carry on with their wall mount case project. The MagBak sports a unique minimalist design, which not only mounts the tablet virtually anywhere from the kitchen to the car, but also delivers enhanced grip and shields the device from impacts. The case is perfectly compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. The new case is the thinnest wall mount on the market, adhering to any metal surface instantly. For non-metal surfaces there’s MagStick – the double sided 3M super adhesive patch.

Simple design of the case, but with a multitude of functionality options
Thanks to unique MagStick solution the case can be mounted on virtually any even surface
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