Adjust the iPad Fuel Level With the Power Design Charger and Stand

  • Power Design Adjustable Fuel Charger
  • Power Design Adjustable Fuel Charger review

Power Design are starting to collect funding at Kickstarter for their Adjustable Fuel Charger – a tablet stand case with built-in battery pack. We liked the design and decided to support them, hoping many other will follow too. The case is universally compatible with any smartphone and tablet device. Besides the multitude of convenient viewing angles it delivers a built-in battery with capacity ranging from 4500mAh to 8800mAh. There’s also an optional accessory: Bluetooth speaker, which fits on the battery behind the adjustable arm of the stand and completes the all-in-one experience.

Unique, attractive design is combined with everyday functionality
Optional Bluetooth speaker will augment the overall experience of the case
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