Got Half a Million Bucks for a Tablet Case? Angry Alex Doesn’t

Angry Alex Week 22

Finding the right case for your tablet device may pose a bigger problem than you can imagine. I personally think that those buyers who are offered a free case with the device are in luck, they won’t have to spend hours on end searching for the right accessory. And let me tell you, there are lots of ugly and useless cases out there, let’s take a look at what I’ve found this week.

Christian Louboutin makes great clothes, no doubt about it. Although they are kinda out of my price range with a couple of grand for a pair of jeans, it doesn’t mean I can’t compliment the designer. But their tablet cases are sporting some very unusual designs, and I’m saying this nicely. Look at Chris – their take on the iPad Mini folio tablet case. Does it remind you of those rubber balls we used to throw around in school? And yes, it costs twice the price of the tablet.

Christian Louboutin Chris Overly expensive tablet folio, which looks like a childhood toy

CHIL’s Notchbook promises to give a nice and firm grip on the device with their unique “notch” design. To be honest I didn’t try the case out, but in my opinion a hand strap should wrap around the hand, not just touch it. In other respect the folio is fine: simple design, superior impact protection and rotating stand capabilities.

CHIL Notchbook screenshot Simple tablet folio case with a unique “notch” design promising secure grip, not sure it works though

Of course I couldn’t walk by the Buccellati iPad Mini case. Not every day you come across a tablet shell for almost half a million dollars. Not sure who will buy these babies, even sheiks will probably opt for a couple of new Porsches instead, I know I would.

Buccellati iPad Mini Cover Insanely expensive tablet shell for iPad Mini featuring pure gold and diamonds

In case you’re wondering if I did like something this week – I did. The Swivel Screen Portfolio Case from FAVI is a great accessory, the way a truly functional case should be. Although a bit bulky for my taste, the keyboard tablet case combines extra protection with a keyboard, and most importantly delivers swiveling integrated stand capabilities.

FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case Durable tablet keyboard case sporting rotating integrated stand functionality

The biggest techie rumor circling the net now is a hybrid tablet/laptop from Apple. The rumor has been substantiated by a JP Morgan exec interview, where he opines the Cupertino company is not doing enough to capture the $500-1,000 laptop market having only the iPad on offer there. According to the analysts Apple must give the lower-priced notebook buyers something more than the iPad offers in order to lure them in. A middle point between a tablet and a laptop should solve the problem and give Apple even more prospect buyers than they have now.

Apple hybrid device A hybrid device between a laptop and a tablet will allow Apple to capture even more market share
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