Angry Alex Finds a Winner This Week After Humiliating a Bunch of Cases

Angry Alex Week 23

Another week and I’m not an inch closer to tablet case Nirvana. Most of the accessories I see and touch are not even worthy being called a tablet case, let alone presented here. Take a walk with me to the wild side of the case industry to see what is definitely not worth wasting your time and money on. Luckily I found a great case this week, so not everything is lost, not yet anyway.

Cote & Ciel have always been about simplicity, but their latest Fabric iPad Pouch is too simple for my taste. It’s just an envelope tablet case with a flap lock and nothing else. Sure the use of Eco Yarn canvas will send shivers down the spines of many tablet owners, I’m just not one of them.

Cote & Ciel Fabric iPad Pouch Ordinary tablet envelope with a flap lock and no outstanding feature to boast

Carven are not even hiding the fact that their Terrazzo Print tablet shell was inspired by flooring ceramics technique. Why would anyone want to dress up their iPad just like a bathroom floor is beyond me. The case as simple as it gets: back and sides are covered, ports and buttons are accessed, that is it.

Carven Terrazzo Print Basic tablet shell for the iPad Mini inspired by flooring ceramics method

RUNNUR have launched a belt clip solution for iPad owners - Case & Clip. Not sure if hanging a tablet from anyone’s bet is a good idea, but in any case – now you can. Remember how odd and stupid it looked when someone had a mobile phone clipped onto their belt? Imagine the same with a much bigger tablet…

RUNNUR Case & Clip Belt clip solution for the iPad – a case with doubtful future

The one case I liked this week is the Nagano by Port Designs. The makers managed to combine aluminum and faux-leather materials for the case’s exterior, which is a rather rare if not impossible combination. Besides striking, professional looks, the folio offers protection, on/off feature and a fully-rotative integrated stand function.

Port Designs Nagano Great looks and safety plus a rotative integrated function and some other useful features

The biggest news from the techy world this week is perhaps the Samsung Galaxy Glass. It’s the companies first attempt at a smart headset, even though it’s referred to as an earphone in the patent. The design is very close to that of Google Glass, a bold move by the Koreans who are still fighting off Apple with their claims they’ve copied the iPhone design. As for specs – there’s very little info, and of course the release date is still a mystery.

Samsung Galaxy Glass Smart headset from Samsung is called Samsung Galaxy Glass and looks similar to Google Glass
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