Top 5 iPad Mini Cases Today

  • Kensington Protective Cover and Stand
  • Pelican ProGear Vault
  • Grove Bamboo iPad Case
  • ZeroChroma Vario-SC Mini
  • Logitech Hinge

The iPad Mini has revolutionized the tablet market, offering the same productivity and functionality as the big brother, but in a compact and lightweight body. The launch of the iPad Mini 2 last year has further increased the popularity of the smaller tablet with Apple devices fans. Naturally, every self-respecting case maker is offering accessories to protect and carry the iPad Mini. Browse through our selection of the Top 5 iPad Mini cases to see which accessories are the best and why.

5. Kensington Protective Cover and Stand

The Protective Cover and Stand from Kensington is a simple folio tablet case offering great all-round protection and delivering some useful features as well. Despite pretty decent impact protection the case manages to keep access to all ports and buttons completely unrestricted. The folding cover transforms into an integrated stand offering a variety of viewing angles.

Kensington Protective Cover and Stand delivers all-round protection and integrated stand functionality

4. Pelican ProGear Vault

Both versions of the iPad Mini find perfect refuge inside the ProGear Vault from Pelican. Not only is this rugged tablet case super-tough, meeting Military Standards, but it’s also pretty functional as well. It comes with an adjustable hinge ensuring one-handed display mode is also possible. Ports and buttons are protected, but can be accessed in seconds. The cover also provides a couple of viewing angles.

ProGear Vault from Pelican keeps the iPad Mini safe from impacts, water, and dust

3. Grove Bamboo iPad Case

Fans of natural materials will find the Grove Bamboo iPad Case very appealing for their iPad Mini devices. Handmade from natural bamboo and wood, the tablet folio case provides not only durable protection, but superb looks as well. The tablet is protected from all sides, but all openings and ports can still be reached freely. The cover rolls up to become an integrated stand and features magnets supporting auto sleep/wake function.

Bamboo iPad Case from Grove is made from natural materials and combines function with protection

2. ZeroChroma Vario-SC Mini

ZeroChroma is offering the iPad Mini its very own version of the popular tablet shell case – Vario-SC Mini. The case is super-light, yet highly protective. It was designed to work with or without the Apple Smart Cover. Besides tough protection for the iPad’s back and sides, it comes with a unique integrated stand. The 360 degree rotating stand delivers a multitude of viewing angles in any orientation, and also acts as a handle.

ZeroChroma Vario-SC Mini provides decent protection and innovative rotating stand solution

1. Logitech Hinge

The Hinge from Logitech looks like a pretty simple tablet folio case, but it hides a cool innovative feature. The built-in smooth-gliding hinge is a perfect integrated stand offering unlimited number of stable viewing angles. Moreover, the hinge will withstand multiple adjustments time and time again. The durable back shell ensures the tablet is safe from bumps and bruises.

Logitech Hinge provides decent impact protection and offers an innovative integrated stand with hinge
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