Top 5 iPad Air Sleeve Cases

  • Incase Neoprene Sleeve
  • Charbonize iPad Sleeve
  • Proporta x Quicksilver Redemption
  • Vaja The Sleeve
  • Hard Graft Sport iPad Case & Stand

Tablet accessories industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but just like with many other things, the original idea can sometimes be the best one. Tablet sleeve cases were one of the first ones to be created for the new format of PCs. They deliver enough protection to shield the devices from everyday harm, but at the same time keep the tablets always at hand. Some of them even feature a diverse list of functions. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tablet sleeves designed for the iPad Air.

5. Incase Neoprene Sleeve

When it comes to tablet sleeves, they don’t get easier than the Neoprene Sleeve from Incase. Crafted from durable neoprene material, the case remains slim and ultra-light, but protects the tablet inside from minor bumps and bruises. There’s a zipper lock on the top part of the case, which keeps the device inside when it’s not in use. Two color choices are available.

Buy it now from Incase for $29.95

Simple tablet sleeve with top zipper lock, lightweight design, but durable protection – Incase Neoprene Sleeve

4. Charbonize iPad Sleeve

Charbonize iPas Sleeve boasts classic design and durable material construction. This tablet sleeve is crafted from premium vegetable tanned leather and recycled wool felt. The wool has been treated with water-repellent and anti-piling components. The case is big enough to fit the iPad Air with the Apple Smart Cover attached to it. The classic flap closure is complemented by two button locks on each side. There are two colors to choose from.

Buy it now from Charbonize for $116.

Charbonize iPas Sleeve is a classy case boasting premium leather and water-repellent wool as well as secure button locks

3. Proporta x Quicksilver Redemption

The result of collaboration between Quicksilver and Proporta, Redemption, is an attractive tablet sleeve catering to the younger audience. Attractive design print is not the only thing about the iPad Air case. The neoprene material ensures decent protection without adding unnecessary bulk. Interior lining takes care of scratches and smudges, while the top zipper lock keeps the case shut when not in use.

Buy it now from Proporta for $26.95

Proporta x Quicksilver Redemption is a perfect solution for high-paced youth looking to protect their tablets in contemporary style

2. Vaja The Sleeve

The Sleeve from Vaja is crafted from exquisite two-tone Floater leather, and with an extra layer of cushioning will absorb almost any impact. The interior side is lined with Caterina leather and microfiber providing great scratch protection. There’s no closure or lock, but the snug fit will guarantee the tablet remains inside the sleeve, unless it’s taken out. The case is available in over four hundred color options.

Buy it now from Vaja for $160

Premium leather and a snug fit – the main attractions of The Sleeve from Vaja

1. Hard Graft Sport iPad Case & Stand

Hard Graft’s Sport iPad Case & Stand combines premium leather and wool felt for the best possible protection without giving up unique style. The uber leather as the maker calls is hand-stained in Italy and each and every piece comes with its own unique shade. The sleeve boasts a small flap closure with built-in button locks to keep it firmly shut. However, this flap also helps transform the case into an integrated stand whenever reclined positions are needed.

Buy it now from Hard Graft for $118

Hard Graft Sport iPad Case & Stand combines ultra-premium materials with clever and functional design
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