Top 5 iPad Mini Skin Cases

  • BodyGuardz Clear Skins
  • Skinit Skins
  • SlickWraps Wood Series
  • DecalGirl iPad Mini Skins

The iPad Mini is not only a highly popular device, it’s also one of the most beautiful tablets on the market combining minimalism and luxury in its design. However, some iPad Mini owners may feel that the looks of their beloved tablet are getting boring and they want to light them up, without hiding the tablet itself behind a bulky case. This is a job for tablet skins and luckily there is a long list of them available for the smallest Apple tablet. Take a look at the top 5 tablet skin cases for the iPad Mini.

5. BodyGuardz Clear Skins

The Clear Skins from BodyGuardz is an ultra-thin, but highly durable tablet skin for the iPad Mini. Buyers have a choice to opt for a back skin only or choose the full-body package. Each tablet skin is treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent spread of diseases. The best thing about this particular skin is not only its high level of protection, but the fact that it’s totally transparent, preserving the iPad Mini’s design.

Buy it now from BodyGuardz for $29.95.

One-side or two-sided protection for the iPad Mini with a clear tablet skin treated with antimicrobial solution – BodyGuardz Clear Skins

4. Skinit Skins

Wasting no time coming up with a catchy name for their accessories, Skinit instead focused on the quality of their tablet skins and managed to deliver high standards indeed. The Skins are made from high-quality vinyl and are applied to the device via special adhesive, which leaves no residue when removed. Perfect fit means the skins won’t interfere with the ports and buttons. There’s an enormous amount of colors and design prints to choose from allowing every iPad Mini user to find the one that suits them best.

Buy it now from Skinit for $29.99.

High-quality vinyl material ensures perfect scratch protection, and Skinit Skins come in a variety of designs and colors

3. SlickWraps Wood Series

The Wood Series from SlickWraps offers the iPad Mini owners a choice of five designs each corresponding to a particular type of tree. The skins manage to deliver the look and feel of real wood, but in an ultra-slim and super-lightweight package. Of course scratch protection is paramount here, and so is the secure adhesive which attaches the skin to all sides of the tablet

Buy it now from SlickWraps for $24.95

The SlickWraps Wood Series skins look and feel like real wood, but weigh almost nothing and certainly add no bulk to the device

2. DecalGirl iPad Mini Skins

The iPad Mini Skins from DecalGirl feature designs and artwork from contemporary artists, and of course provide all-round scratch protection for the tablets as well. The skins come with matching downloadable wallpaper which completed the unique looks. The skins can be easily installed without creating bubbles, and can be removed at any time leaving no residue. There are two finishes to choose from: high gloss and matte/satin.

Buy it now from DecalGirl for $16.99.

A selection of tablet skins with design from contemporary artists and a matching wallpaper – DecalGirl iPad Mini Skins


Handmade from genuine leather the ZAGG LEATHERskins are truly some of the best tablet skin cases out there. The skins deliver unique looks and not only due to the one-of-a-kind design pattern, but also to the luxurious leather which covers and protect the iPad Mini from scratches. The leather also serves another useful purpose – adding grippability to the case. The adhesive used to keep the skin in place will leave no residue when removed.

Buy it now from ZAGG for $13.35

Unique design pattern and genuine leather make the ZAGG LEATHERskins one of the best tablet skins on the market
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