Hard Graft Shields Your Tablet While You’re Riding a Bike

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Riding your bike to work? Hard Graft has just the thing to keep your tablet and your other important belongings safe during the ride – the Frame Folio. The tablet sleeve case is compatible with any tablet device including all Apple models, Samsung tablets, and any other similarly sized device. The case is crafted from premium leather, which not only delivers excellent impact protection, but also brings luxurious looks. The best thing about the case is the fact that it can be mounted under any bike’s frame and travel safely with the owner. There are two main compartments, each closed up with a zipper lock.

About Hard Graft:
Founded in 2007 by monie.ka and James Teal. Hard Graft was born in Austria and raised in London, UK with an ambitious worldwide outlook. We are dreamers who believe in the great. Clever thoughtful and unexpected designs carefully developed and mastered. Juxtaposing new ideas with good old-fashioned skilled workmanship using rich, premium and highly resourceful materials. Accessible luxury goods that travel between traditional artisan and future aesthetics. Constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good.

Exclusive leather sleeve with two compartments and zipper locks to fit any current tablet device – Hard Graft Frame Folio

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