Turn Your iPad Air Into a 3D TV With Nanoveu EyeFly3D Screen Protector

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Nanoveu EyeFly3D is an innovative screen protector, which brings 3D content to life without the need for 3D glasses. Putting complicated description into simple words, the case uses 500,000 lenses, which transmit any stereoscopic 3D content right on the screen protector. An app must downloaded to work together with the case, which will also help transform 2D videos into 3D ones. The case will also take care of 2D imaging keeping it as sharp and beautiful as ever. Currently only available for iOS devices, but Android versions are being created right now.

About EyeFly3D:
EyeFly 3D is the world’s first award winning glasses- free iPhone 3D screen that delivers distortion free 2D/3D video and photos on iOS devices.
We know how much 3D content is available but we wanted to take things a step further and let you be in control of your 3D experience. Our new app allows you to easily turn your 2D videos into 3D. This is our game changer. This is what our community has been waiting for.
Our team of Singapore based scientists and researchers have taken the most complex information and simplified it to a simple film screen protector and app. That’s all it takes to bring immersive 3D to your iPhone or iPad.
This is a breakthrough in 3D technology. Get on board and start viewing your life in 3D.

Highly innovative tablet screen protector allowing users to watch 3D content without the need for glasses – Nanoveu EyeFly3D

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