Sillber Props Up the iPads Even on Soft Surfaces With the YOHANN Case

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sillber is currently looking to collect pledges on Kickstarter in order to launch their innovative tablet stand called YOHANN. The best thing about the new case is the amount of viewing positions offered: six, equally divided between landscape and portrait orientations. Another great feature of the stand is the ability to be stable on soft surfaces including beds, couches, lawns, and even on user’s lap. Besides the great functionality, the case also offers fabulous minimalist design. There is a choice between plastic and wood materials.

About sillber:
sillber is a young design firm based in Basel, Switzerland. Berend Frenzel is the inventor of Yohann and founder of the firm, together with David and Martin. Silvia and Oliver have also to be mentioned as great helpers of the project and members of the team, Edward Franke joined the team being in charge of Marketing and PR in the US. Besides the design firm sillber, Berend runs an architectural office in Basel after having worked during several years for different architectural offices in Spain, London and Basel and having taught at University.

Minimalist design and lots of viewing angles, besides the ability to stand on soft surfaces – Sillber YOHANN

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