Top 5 Weirdest iPad Air Cases

  • Yummy Pocket Moustache
  • iSkin Summit
  • Orange Bear CuddleMe
  • TabToob
  • Frank Hsueh DIY Duct Tape iPad Sleeve

Having a tablet device is now considered pretty normal, the technological advancement and huge demand have made them rather affordable than an over-the-top luxury item. But some tablet owners have an urge to stand out of the crowd and ensure that either their devices or the way their tablets are dressed up, are pretty much different from the rest of the people. The shortest and perhaps the smartest way to do so is buy an unusual case. However, sometimes, case makes take the word “unusual” way too far. Let’s take a look at top 5 weirdest iPad Air cases together.

5.Yummy Pocket Moustache

It’s only September on our calendars, but men are already thinking of Movember and how they can officially lay down their razors no matter what their wives and girlfriends will say. Yummy Pocket had a brilliant idea to put a moustache on an iPad case to make it seem that the device itself is also showing solidarity to the good cause of his owner. Made from soft wool felt and durable vinyl, the envelope tablet case is just as protective as it is unusual.

Buy it now from Etsy for $28.00

Peculiar tablet envelope case crafted from durable materials and featuring a moustache right on the cover – Yummy Pocket Moustache

4. iSkin Summit

Getting ready for cold winter? You might want to consider a nice bright and fluffy nylon winter coat. And while you’re at it – why not get one for you buddy – the iPad Air? iSkin Summit is the pinnacle of nylon design. Made from premium Italian material, it delivers padded protection, which is extremely lightweight and prone to water splashes. The tablet sleeve comes in a variety of colors and features a comfy shoulder strap on top of a secure zipper lock.

Buy it now from iSkin for $19.00

Peculiar winter coat-like design with the use of premium Italian nylon, shoulder strap, and zipper lock – iSkin Summit

3. Orange Bear CuddleMe

This beauty delivers timeless Nordic design, to shield and protect the iPad Air from daily damages and the elements. The tablet sleeve is handmade from premium fabric material and its flap cover is topped off with faux-fur. There’s an elastic strap lock integrated into the flap, which keeps the case securely fastened when not in use. The case is available in a number of color options, but the fur on the top always stays grey.

Buy it now from Orange Bear for $92.00

Ordinary tablet sleeve with an interesting design touch – faux-fur flap closure, and an elastic strap lock – Orange Bear CuddleMe

2. TabToob

TabToob rugged tablet case may be kid-proof and protective as hell, but it surely is one of the most weirdest cases I’ve ever seen. It will shield the iPad Air from falls, kicks, drops, throws, you name it. And most importantly, it very light, but at the same chunky and easy to grip making it perfect for children. There’s a built-in screen protector and an integrated stand to further enhance its functionality.

Buy it now from TabToob for $32

Ultra-protective and functional case for kids with screen protector and integrated stand, but sporting very unusual looks – TabToob

1. Frank Hsueh DIY Duct Tape iPad Sleeve

Some people just have way too much time on their hands, but a very vivid imagination to go with it. Frank Hsueh has come up with a very unusual use for ordinary duct tape – creating a DIY Duct Tape iPad Sleeve. The maker wrote to TUAW and besides sending pictures of his masterpiece, he also provided some info about the tablet sleeve. The case is crafted using a bubble envelope, double-sided tape, Apple sticker from another product, and of course lots of duct tape. Moreover, the inventor took things another step further and used the tape core to create a highly stable iPad stand. The case is surely functional, but not something you want to take to a business meeting…

One-of-a-kind tablet sleeve made from lots and lots of duct tape, comes with a separate stand – Frank Hsueh DIY Duct Tape iPad Sleeve
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