Top 5 Battery Cases for the iPad Air

  • Cargito
  • Kudo KudoSol
  • Sharper Image 14-Hour
  • David Foster LilyPad
  • Kudo KudoBank

The iPad Air is the current pinnacle of tablet device perfection, until the new one comes out of course. It’s a powerful machine both productivity-wise and gaming-wise, but all power-consuming devices require lots of juice. While the iPad Air is renowned for its battery longevity, sometimes it’s just not enough. Naturally owner can go searching for an outlet, but what about the times and places where it’s just impossible? This is where the battery tablet cases come in handy. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 battery cases for the iPad Air.

5. Cargito

Cargito is a clever little envelope tablet case made from genuine leather and offering several slots and pouches on top of the primary tablet pocket. The main attraction of the case is of course the built-in battery which charges the iPad Air as it lays inside. The case excels at protecting the tablet from daily damages and simply looks worthy of the technological wonder inside.

Buy it now for $165.00

Genuine leather tablet envelope case with pockets, slots, button lock, and integrated battery – Cargito

4. Kudo KudoSol

The KudoSol from Kudo is not just a battery case, it’s a solar powered generator for the iPad Air. The case is well-built from durable materials to guarantee decent impact protection. It comes with a built-in 5,000mAh battery, ensuring the iPad Air will be charging even when there’s no direct sunlight. Moreover, the case can even charge a smartphone or any other electronic device thanks to a secondary USB power outlet. The solar panel generates 2.3W of power which is more than enough to give the necessary boost to a fading iPad.

Buy it now from Kudo for $129.95

Tablet folio case with built-in battery and a solar power panel, includes a secondary USB out to charge a second device – Kudo KudoSol

3. Sharper Image 14-Hour

Sharper Image wasted no time naming their battery tablet case, instead they’ve focused on making it just as good-looking as it is functional. The 14-Hour looks like an ordinary tablet folio case with a folding cover for integrated stand capability, but it hides 5 Li-Ion cells with a total of 2700mAh of additional power. There’s a LED battery level status, and a 5 ft. cable for charging secondary devices from the built-in battery. And yes, the cover supports the auto sleep/wake functionality too.

Buy it now from Sharper Image for $149.99

Classic tablet folio construction with hidden built-in battery, integrated stand, and auto sleep/wake functionality – Sharper Image 14-Hour

2. David Foster LilyPad

After successfully raising funds through Kickstarter, David Foster embarked upon manufacturing the LilyPad. The tablet folio case features a solar panel right on the front cover, eliminating all doubts about the purpose of the case. Besides the obvious benefits of additional power, the case comes with some unexpected features. There’s an HDMI output, allowing users to connect the iPad to a TV or a PC to watch movies, make presentations and so on. The case also offers several viewing positions in the integrated stand mode and comes with a secondary power out to charge external devices.

Buy it now from Kickstarter for $165

Innovative solar power technology combined with an HDMI out and a secondary power out – David Foster LilyPad

1. Kudo KudoBank

Another battery tablet case from Kudo comes without a solar panel, but is a lot slimmer than its close relative. There’s the same built-in 5,000mAh battery to keep the iPad going beyond normal hours and a secondary power out to juice up an external device. The tablet folio case protects the tablet from damage and can recline as an integrated stand to deliver various viewing angles.

Buy it now from Kudo for $109.95

Slim tablet folio case with built-in 5,000mAh battery and an extra power out for a secondary device – Kudo KudoBank
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