The iPad Air Blings With New Power Inside the Ashine Galaxy Folio Case

  • Ashine Galaxy Bling

The Bling from Ashine Galaxy is a true find among the sea of iPad Air accessories. The new folio tablet case is crafted from premium faux-leather, offering great looks and decent impact protection. But the best design element is of course the crystal studded Apple logo occupying most of the case’s surface. The tablet is located within a special pouch without any possibility to slip out, but all of its ports and buttons are open to free access. A small lanyard offers a convenient way to carry the case, while built-in grooves ensure perfect stability in integrated stand mode.

About Ashine Galaxy:
The cases and covers from AshineGalaxy come from various corners of the world with different styles and patterns of the world famous brands in the world. We AshineGalaxy enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise with others as well as deepening our connections with the team to provide a lot of amazing accessories for digital lovers.

Being a brand lover, we would like to share all of the amazing designer cases and covers with the world! We’ve been privileged enough to have our vision covered by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Hermes and more other brands with the rest of the world.

We know better than anyone that technology moves with the combination of high-end luxury at a rapid pace. We offer the cases and covers for iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Samsung Phone in all generations.

Beautiful design with studded Apple logo, and perfect functionality with a lanyard and an integrated stand – Ashine Galaxy Bling
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