The iPad Air Enjoys Safety and Swarovski Crystals in SwitchEasy Pelle

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SwitchEasy didn’t leave the iPad Air without the luxurious looks and protection of Pelle. The folio tablet case boasts and ultra-slim and lightweight design, combining minimalist looks with totally unique gold, chrome, or Swarovski crystal-embedded tab on the front cover. This tab is not purely a decoration, it also helps users to change the viewing angle when the case is in integrated stand mode. There’s also support for auto sleep/wake functionality and enhanced grip thanks to matte rubber coating.

About SwitchEasy:
SwitchEasy was first conceived in January 2005 to create the best accessories for computer products.

We knew then that as time went on, the way people accessed the web and communicated with each other would be changing. The days of bulky desktop PCs were coming to an end. Instead of laptops, more people began using their phones to connect to the internet. With the smash success of the iPhone, a need for attractive iPhone cases began to grow. Not only did the cases protect customers' devices, but they added a sense of uniqueness to each phone.

Of course, we eventually expanded to iPad cases and iPod Touch cases as those products were released and became popular. With an ever expanding mobile device lifestyle, we knew that someone had to provide people with the high quality accessories they need.

Simple looks with clever design touches and a long list of functional features – SwitchEasy Pelle

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