Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Tablet Cases

  • Belkin Tri-Fold Cover
  • rooCase Dual View Folio Case
  • Griffin Survivor
  • Samsung Tab S 8.4 Simple Cover
  • Otterbox Defender Series

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is one of the most popular “smaller” tablets on the market, quite rightfully challenging Apple iPad Mini 2 supremacy. Samsung’s tablet offers the same functionality and in some cases even superior specs than the Cupertino wonder, and there’s no surprise it’s gotten extremely popular among first-time and returning tablet buyers. Naturally, all big tablet accessory manufacturers have turned their attention to protecting the device from damage. But how to choose the best of the best? Look at our top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 cases selection.

5. Belkin Tri-Fold Cover

There are similar cases from Belkin for almost every tablet out there. The Tab S 8.4 version is just as durable and versatile as the rest of them. Simple minimalist design hides fully-functional case with an integrated stand, a secure tablet pouch, and a secure strap lock. Durable exterior keep the device securely protected from everyday trouble.

Buy it now from Belkin for $34.99

No-thrills design with durable materials as well as integrated stand feature and elastic strap lock – Belkin Tri-Fold Cover

4. rooCase Dual View Folio Case

The Dual View Folio Case from rooCase is a multifunctional folio tablet combining durable protection with everyday functionality. The pebble grain faux-leather combined with ultra-soft interior provide the tablet with all-round protection from impacts and scratches. The tablet is located in a special sleeve inside the case, which can be detached for a one-hand use or reattached at a variety of angles in both portrait and landscape orientations. The integrated stand function offers a selection of convenient viewing angles. The cover supports the auto sleep/wake functionality and the same built-in magnets act as a magnetic lock. There’s also a 3-in-1 stylus resting in a special stylus holder inside the case.

Buy it now from rooCase for $25.00

Multi-functional tablet folio case with a stylus holder, integrated stand, and auto sleep/wake functionality – rooCase Dual View Folio Case

3. Griffin Survivor

Every great tablet should have a superb rugged tablet case. The folks at Griffin are striving to make this a reality offering Survivor cases for virtually any tablet device out there. Just like for any other tablet, the case delivers extreme-levels of impact and drop protection and a bit of functionality. All ports are sealed to prevent dust and sand from coming in, but can be accessed whenever owners desire. Integrated screen protector will deflect all rain and wind. There’s also an integrated stand offering a variety of viewing positions.

Buy it now from Griffin for $64.99

Highly durable tablet rugged case with a built-in screen protector and an integrated stand – Griffin Survivor

2. Samsung Tab S 8.4 Simple Cover

The Simple Cover is one of those examples when in-house tablet case can actually rival some of the best manufacturers on the market. Samsung’s tablet smart cover securely attaches to the device via strong magnets and keeps the screen safe from damage and scratches. The case is available in a variety of color options to match those of the tablet itself, allowing the cover to blend in with the device.

Buy it now from Samsung for $39.99

Simple tablet smart cover available in various colors to match the design of the tablet itself – Samsung Tab S 8.4 Simple Cover

1. Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox wasted no time coming up with the Tab S 8.4 version of their highly-popular Defender Series. The tablet rugged case delivers all-round protection from impacts, scrapes, drops, bumps, as well as dust and debris. There’s a built-in screen protector eliminating the risk of scratches. The multi-layer construction ensures the tablet is safe from even the toughest of drops. An additional shield doubles up as an integrated stand offering a comfy viewing angle or extra protection for the screen.

Buy it now from Otterbox for $69.95

Highly-durable tablet rugged case with an extra cover which acts as an integrated stand when needed – Otterbox Defender Series
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