Tablets Enjoy Great Looks and Safety Inside Oh Koey Ironwork

The Ironwork from Oh Koey is available in a variety of sizes compatible with any iPad, as well as Kindle Fire and HD and Nook Color, but the designer can also make a special order for any desired size. The envelope tablet case comes with durable canvas exterior and a layer of soft padding providing extra impact protection. There’s a classic tab closure with a button lock to keep the case secured when it’s not being used.

About Oh Koey:
Our story started when Corri {the daughter portion of this team} was a young girl of about 5. She wanted nothing more than to eat, play ball and get dirty. Our family had a good chuckle when she announced that she wanted to live across the street and sew with me {Vicki, the mother portion of this team} for her career.

The years went on with Corri playing tennis, working, making her way through school. Eventually she ended up in a town a few hours away at college. In order to make a little extra money she began sewing key fobs. {with a few lessons from time to time over the phone on sewing and photographing her fobs} Her little key fob business soon grew into a busy little shop. I had online shop of my own, and somewhere along the way we decided to venture in together and add a few ipad covers to the store. It was a challenge working long distance, we each worked independently with many phone calls, emails and packages to each other. Occasionally we would get together for a fun exhausting sew day.
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