Personalize and Camouflage the iPad Air Tablet Folio Case With Zazzle

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Zazzle took Powis Power iCase and transformed it into the Personalized Name Purple Camouflage. The familiar folio tablet case now offers iPad Air owners a chance to protect their devices with a truly unique accessory bearing their name. The case is custom-made from premium book cloth fabric and comes with glossy laminate to protect the material from wearing off. The case is durable enough to keep the tablet safe from bumps and bruises, at the same time keeping access to all ports and buttons open. The edges of the case are made from non-slip material ensuring perfect stability in the integrated stand mode.

About Zazzle:
At Zazzle, The Make Engine, we believe that imaginations should be indulged. Curiosities, expressed. Inner designers, unleashed. Our mission is to give people everywhere the power to make anything imaginable. And we sure hope you can be a part of it.

We're a passionate, eclectic bunch based out of Redwood City and San Jose, California, and also now a shiny new International headquarters in Cork, Ireland. But the Zazzle family extends far beyond the walls of our offices and manufacturing facilities. With over 619 thousand designers, 98 makers, 551 brands and millions of customers across 17 sites, what started with humble beginnings in 2005 has become something pretty special. Still just as humble, just lots bigger.

Bring your unique vision to life with a huge range of products and endless ways to make them your own. After all, you’re original—your stuff should be, too.

Powis Power iCase transformed into a customizable tablet folio with attractive looks – Zazzle Personalized Name Purple Camouflage

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