The Phorce is With the Tablets Thanks to a New Battery Bag

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The guys at Phorce have come up with a clever and stylish way to carry tech devices around, while keeping them fully charged. Phorce Pro is a tablet bag with built-in battery, which charges just about anything – laptops, smartphones, camera, and of course tablets. The makers say there’s enough juice inside the case to fully charge a hungry laptop, or refill the iPhone 5S 14 times over. On top of the obvious benefits of never running out of power, the case delivers decent impact protection, exterior pockets, classy handles and shoulder strap, and a secure zipper lock. Another great thing about the case is the fact that it can transform from the simple tablet bag into a backpack or a tablet messenger bag.

About Phorce:
We live in the mobile age. You can wake up in San Francisco, spend the afternoon in New York, and be back in the West Coast right on time for drinks. Whether you walk or ride around your hometown, drive to another city, or fly to another continent- your trusty bag is always with you.

Unfortunately bags haven't changed much over time, and so they're a little outdated. We designed Phorce to be the ultimate bag for the mobile age. Phorce can hold lots of stuff in its minimalist design. It can power all your devices (even MacBooks!). It can communicate with your smartphone. It can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, or briefcase. And there's lots of other cool stuff.

Versatile tablet bag featuring built-in battery, and able to charge anything from laptop to smartphone – Phorce Phorce Pro

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