Felix Flips the iPad Minis in the Air With a New Folio

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The FlipBook Air from Felix is now available for the iPad Minis too, in fact, it can fit any generation of the “small” Cupertino wonder. The folio tablet case is crafted from durable faux-leather, while the cover is lined with soft felt on the inside to prevent scratches. The best thing about the case is certainly its integrated stand feature enriched by built-in grooves, offering tight stability at any of the 10 available angles in both portrait and landscape modes. All ports and buttons are open to free access while the case protects the tablet.

About Felix:
Felix embodies something my parents taught me early in life — that happiness is a choice. That "choice" is something we bake into every product we create, all while having a lot of fun in the process. After all, Felix is Latin for "happy."

At Felix, we bring clever ideas to life. Ideas that help people use technology. Most of our ideas are relatively simple. Simple is something we take seriously, actually. Because most of the best things in life aren't complicated. They're easy to use and they make life more fun. Felix isn't a person. It's something inside all of us. Find yours.

Tablet folio case to fit all iPad Minis offering an innovative integrated stand functionality with stable support – Felix FlipBook Air

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