Tablets Get Stealth Power Inside the New M-Edge Folio Case

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M-Edge presented Stealth Power – a convenient folio tablet case with a built-in battery. The case is available in a variety of size to fit any iPad and a bunch of other current tablet devices. Durable microfiber leather protects the tablet from daily scuffs both on the inside and outside. The 6,000 mAh battery offers plenty of juice to keep the tablet going where power outlets are not available. There’s a secondary output on the case allowing a smartphone to be charged with the help of the battery inside the folio. A LED indicator shows how much power is left, and the auto-shut function turns the battery off when charging is complete. The case offers an integrated stand and a small tab closure with a magnetic lock to keep the case shut when not in use.

About M-Edge:
Feel that salty Atlantic breeze? That’s our East Coast style infused into your gadget accessories. Since 2006, we’ve made it our mission to fuse pop culture and fashion together to make the ultimate tech statement. When you live life on the edge, you're gonna need protection—and style to match. M-Edge fuses jaw-dropping designs with unique materials to create your ultimate accessory. We like to think we fit your devices as great as we fit your personality.

We’re blurring the line between “tech” and “style”. We pair leading-edge product features with materials unexpected in the gadget-sphere. Inspired by everything from runway fashion trends to architecture and athletic gear, we adapt the elements customers already touch, use, and love to a new purpose in way that fits their device and into their lives. We use our FIT model as a test every product has to pass: they must be Functional, Intuitive, and Tempting. Our products out-function any others on the market, are so intuitive that no instructions are necessary, and are as tempting as a remote control to a child – they don’t know why they want it, they just do.

Slim tablet folio case with a built-in battery source, integrated stand, and a magnetic lock – M-Edge Stealth Power

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