Enjoy Full Tablet Productivity on the Couch With Super Stump Stand

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Stump introduced another take on a highly convenient tablet stand – Super Stump. The case is a wonderful innovation for couch potatoes, significantly increasing their tablet productivity. Ergonomic design not only delivers high levels of comfort in any position, but also increases users’ interactivity with the device. There are several viewing positions made possible thanks to special notches. Soft foam material ensures the case remains lightweight and durable at the same time. There’s a special pocket on the back facilitating the case’s mobility.

About Stump:
Stump Stand is the best-selling iPad-Stand, and you can use it with Kindles, mobile phones, and all tablets.

Innovative tablet stand case designed for use in bed, on the couch, in the car and in any other imaginable place – Stump Super Stump

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