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The Orange Chef presented Prep Pad – a smart food scale compatible with iPad 3 or newer. The accessory is designed for all those trying to lose weight or simply looking after their healthy lifestyles. The scale brings live insight into nutrition, breaking down food into carbs, fats, proteins, and other essential nutrients. The case also allows users to count calories, track their diet progress, and learn interesting facts about what they are eating. Made from a single chunk of aluminum and covered with food safe top layer, the case is both durable and beautiful. Works together with Jawbone Up and syncs with the tablets and selected smartphones via Bluetooth.

About The Orange Chef:
At the Orange Chef Company we are making the kitchen a place of confidence and discovery. We’re creating a smart ecosystem for the kitchen made up of quality products built with an emphasis on simple design, maintaining the craft of cooking, and using local and sustainable materials. We strive to give our customers the tools to understand and navigate their nutritional, culinary and spoon-licking lives. Whether you’re a cupcake baker, a kimchi pickler, a quinoa connoisseur, or a leftover-reheater—whoever you are, whatever you’re eating, we’re here to connect you to your food.

A smart scale designed to sync via iPad 3 or newer and some selected smartphones, counts calories and gives a nutrition breakdown – The Orange Chef Prep Pad

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