Top 5 Best iPad Cases Gifts

  • Speck DuraFolio
  • Cooper Dynamo
  • Griffin Survivor Slim
  • Cooper Defender
  • Hard Graft Draw

Christmas is just around the corner and if you haven’t yet bought gifts for your loved ones, it’s high time to do so. This year purchasing a mobile device will be choice of many, but what if you’re your friends and family already own a smartphone and a tablet? This is where accessories come in handy, from headsets to complicated dock stations, anything that will enrich the life and productivity of a mobile device is a very welcome Christmas gift indeed. It’s only natural that iPad cases are in demand this holiday season, considering the Cupertino wonders are still some of the most popular devices on the market. Take a look at our selection of top 5 best iPad cases gifts in order to make an informed decision about your present.

5. Speck DuraFolio

The DuraFolio from Speck is an extremely popular folio tablet case with owners of a variety of Apple tablets. It has been swiftly made available for the recently launched iPad Air 2 and now offers its great protective and functional capabiliites to Apple’s flagship device as well. Decent impact protection, access to all ports and buttons, as well as a variety of viewing angle in the integrated stand mode. The case offers just about anything an iPad Air 2 owner needs making it a perfect iPad case gift.

Buy it now from Speck for $59.95

Durable tablet folio case compatible with the iPad Air 2 with integrated stand functionality and auto sleep/wake feature – Speck DuraFolio

4. Cooper Dynamo

Cooper Dynamo remains one of the top choices for parents looking to buy their kids a nice-looking, and at the same time highly protective case for the iPad Air. Kid-safe material, slim and lightweight body, make it a perfect iPad case gift for the little ones. And the ingenious handle offering a comfy way to carry the case around, also doubles up as an integrated stand with multiple viewing angles. Available in a variety of color options to appeal to ever-changing kids’ preferences.

Buy it now for $24.95

Simple play tablet case with great protective capabilities and an innovative handle acting as an integrated stand as well – Cooper Dynamo

3. Griffin Survivor Slim

After enormous success of their Survivor series of cases for virtually every tablet device on the market, Griffin have launched their latest innovation – Survivor Slim. The new rugged tablet case delivers the same extraordinary protective capabilities in a slimmed down body. Compatible with the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2, the case provides all-round protection and includes a built-in screen protector as well. All buttons and ports are covered with rubber protectors, but can be accessed within seconds when needed. There’s also a smart integrated stand popping out of the back.

Buy it now from Griffin for $79.99

Lightweight and slim tablet rugged case with a built-in screen protector and an integrated stand – Griffin Survivor Slim

2. Cooper Defender

Defender is a high-quality tablet rugged case designed to fit and protect any iPad Mini model. Dual-layer construction ensures the case is highly protective, but doesn’t add unnecessary weight and bulk, making it one of the most popular iPad case gifts in the category. Rubbery exterior enhances grip and the integrated stand kicking out of the back delivers a variety of viewing positions. Comes in various color options allowing buyers to select the one that best suits their style.

Buy it now for $19.95

Simple tablet rugged case for all iPad Mini versions with an enhanced grip and an innovative integrated stand – Cooper Defender

1. Hard Graft Draw

One of the simplest accessories in Hard Graft collection is simultaneously one of the most popular iPad cases gifts. The Draw is available in all iPad sizes and even MacBook Pro and Air dimensions. The tablet sleeve is handcrafted from premium leather and wool felt offering stunning looks and decent impact protection. However, one of the best and unexpected functions of the case is its integrated stand capability: the case’s string lock helps prop up the tablet at a convenient viewing angle without the need for separate tools.

Buy it now from Hard Graft for $178

Simple tablet sleeve made from leather and wool felt offering a string lock, which helps enable an integrated stand capability – Hard Graft Draw
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