MyGoFlight Kneeboard C Sends the iPads on a Flight With Amelia Earhart

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The Kneeboard C - Amelia Edition from MyGoFlight is a special edition of their highly popular folio tablet case. This model celebrates the recreation of Amelia Earhart’s flight with the Amelia Project logo engraved on the front cover. The case itself is a highly versatile accessory available for the iPad 2-4 and the iPad Minis designed to assists pilots and captains. The case comes with a special strap allowing it to be attached to one’s knee for maximum comfort. There’s also a rotating cradle, providing full-circle rotation. All ports and buttons are open to immediate access. There’s also a clipboard, which can be attached to the case serving as a perfect place for flight and navigation plans. Buyers can also choose from a long list of special accessories further extending the case’s functionality.

About MyGoFlight:
MyGoFlight prides itself on the manufacture and marketing of products for using the iPad safely and securely in many of the pursuits of active people. From pilots, to drivers, to boaters, to musicians, MyGoFlight provides products and accessories to make greater use of the iPad in an active lifestyle.

MyGoFlight's initial focus was on meeting the needs of aviators for the use of the iPad in-flight in the cockpit of airplanes. Having met these very demanding requirements, we now bring the same precision products to meet the needs of people in many other disciplines. We are known to provide high quality and cool looking products that deliver function and form both. We are also known for providing high level of customer service and very prompt response.

Highly versatile tablet folio case with a knee-strap and a clipboard specifically designed for pilots and captains – MyGoFlight Kneeboard C - Amelia Edition

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