Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Cases

  • Cooper Infinite Elite
  • Speck StyleFolio
  • Otterbox Defender
  • Cooper Titan
  • Belkin QODE Portable

Even before its launch in July 2014 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 was already regarded as a great tablet, capable of rivaling iPads. Its smaller size provides owners with more mobility and ease of use, white its technical specifications are by no means weaker than those of the “big” brothers. The tablet is popular with a wide audience from businessmen to children of all ages and will remain strong for years to come, despite anticipated launches of successors. No surprise that all major case makers have launched accessories to keep the Samsung device safe, and it’s now rather complicated to differentiate the good from the bad. Our short selection of top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 cases aims to help buyers make all the right choices.

5. Cooper Infinite Elite

While options to cover the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 are virtually endless, there are a few cases that offer the best price/quality ratio. One of them is the Infinite Elite from Cooper – a universal folio tablet case designed to fit 6-8” tablets. Covering up the device from all sides, the case keeps it safe from daily bumps and bruises, while providing free access to all ports and buttons. Four elastic corner mounts secure the tablet inside the case without any possibility to slip out. There’s a highly convenient integrated stand feature and a safe elastic strap lock.

Buy it now for $19.95

Decent levels of protection and a highly stable integrated stand with multiple viewing angles – Cooper Infinite Elite

4. Speck StyleFolio

StyleFolio is available for the majority of current tablets, but it’s only because Speck have done a wonderful job on this folio tablet case. It delivers tough all-round impact protection without obstructing access to ports and buttons. There’s an integrated stand with several viewing positions made stable thanks to built-in grooves. The case shuts with a clip lock and supports the auto sleep/wake functionality of the device.

Buy it now from Speck for 44.95

Minimalist design delivers great functionality and superb impact protection from all sides – Speck StyleFolio

3. Otterbox Defender

Designed to provide the ultimate protection from whatever comes the tablet’s way, the Otterbox Defender manages to offer a compromise between safety, good looks, and bulkiness. The rugged tablet case comes with multi-layer construction, ensuring safety not only from impacts and dents, but even from the toughest drops. There’s also a built-in screen protector included in the package, and a versatile cover which doubles up as an integrated stand.

Buy it now from Otterbox for $69.95

Lightweight and slim tablet rugged case with integrated stand and multi-layer construction for better protection – Otterbox Defender

2. Cooper Titan

The popular tablet rugged case from Cooper – Titan – is now also available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. No frills case is super-light and ultra-slim, but at the same time offers great impact protection from all sides and doesn’t forget about functionality either. All ports and buttons of the device are freely accessible within the case. A clever integrated stand is hiding on the back of the case ready to prop up the tablet at a variety of viewing angles.

Buy it now for $19.95

Simple tablet rugged case providing a mixture of protection, functionality, and mobility – Cooper Titan

1. Belkin QODE Portable

While this particular tablet was certainly built to solve the most complicated tasks, it’s safe to say that one of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 cases can be the QODE Portable from Belkin. The keyboard tablet cases enhances the device’s functionality beyond limits and provides great looks and protection at the same time. There’s everything you can think of: integrated stand, spacious battery, smooth interior linings, well-spaced keys, and even shortcuts to special tablet functions. A true mobile office for busy tablet owners.

Buy it now from Belkin for $79.99

Versatile tablet keyboard case with integrated stand, long life battery, and shortcut keys – Belkin QODE Portable
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