Tech 21 Make an Impact With the iPad Mini Mesh Tablet Shell

  • Tech 21 Impact Mesh

The Impact Mesh from Tech 21 is a highly technological tablet shell designed for the iPad Mini models. Made from unique D3O material, the case provides superb impact protection from back and sides, while keeping all ports and buttons open to immediate access. The back panel is completely transparent, which allows the case to keep the original Apple design beauty. Special attention has been given to corner protection, which ensures the tablet will remain intact even in case of drops.

About Tech 21:
As Impactologists we promise to deliver advanced impact protection for the technology you love.We pride ourselves on seeing opportunity where others see obstacles. That’s why we have created premium designs which provide tough, intelligent impact protection without concealing the device’s original beauty.

Innovative tablet shell for the iPad Minis made from unique material and providing great impact protection – Tech 21 Impact Mesh
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