Nexus 9 Discovers Super Hero Powers in Roly Poly Workshop Book Case

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Marvel comics fans can now treat their tablet devices to a highly protective book tablet case from Roly Poly Workshop. The Super Hero is compatible with a wide range of tablets including the very latest Nexus 9 and comes with a collage of comics prints from Marvel on both front and back sides. The devices are secured inside the case via four corner strap mounts with full access to their ports and buttons and without the risk of slipping out. A secure elastic strap lock keeps the case firmly shut when not in use.

About Roly Poly Workshop:
I bought myself a Kindle Fire and I love it! Shortly after buying it, I went to the store to get a cover for it. They had plenty, but they were all boring and dull, so I decided to make my own. I wanted to develop a unique design that wasn't just a copy of what other artists were making. By picking different materials and gluing the cover instead of sewing it, I am proud to have created a really durable cover that is great for not only adults, but kids as well and having 2 of my own young children, I can totally relate! With kids in mind, most of the great fabric in my store is geared towards kids and since I myself have pretty eclectic tastes, I try to have something for everyone!

Colorful tablet book case with Marvel comics prints on both sides and an elastic strap lock – Roly Poly Workshop Super Hero

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