The iPad Minis Ride Ducatis With the Element Case Soft-Tec Folio

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Element Case presented Soft-Tec Ducati – a highly attractive folio tablet case compatible with any iPad Mini model. Designed to reflect the renowned motorcycle manufacturer’s style, the case is a true find for all Ducati fans. Besides design, the folio offers great impact protection, and enhanced grippability thanks to Tech Grip exterior. On the inside the case is lined with plush suede offering decent scratch protection. There’s also an integrated stand function offering adjustable viewing angles.

About Element Case:
Industrial designer Jeff Sasaki purchased his first iPhone, but with one small problem: his Australian Cattle dog Sprocket had previously chewed up his last 5 mobile phones. Add to this a couple of phones destroyed by crashing a mountain bike and a snowboard, Jeff was determined to protect his new Apple gem.

As an action sports gear designer by profession, he didn't have to reach far into his bag of tools to begin creating the ultimate iPhone protective case that would later become the Alloy and later, in 2008, Element Case was born. With Apple's release of the 3G/3GS iPhone in 2009, newly formed Element Case created the Liquid case. In 2010, the arrival of Apple's new iPad challenged Element Case designers to create an equally innovative accessory and the Joule quickly became the most adored iPad accessory of the year.

Later in 2010, a lost prototype of the iPhone4 showed up at a pub in the back yard of Element Case. The pictures and the hype surrounding the rare find gave Sasaki an idea to create a case that highlights the clean top and bottom glass surfaces of the iPhone4. He quickly went to work creating the Vapor 4, soon becoming the most talked about iPhone case in the world.

Attractive design, durable impact and scratch protection, and adjustable angles thanks to an integrated stand – Element Case Soft-Tec Ducati

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