Incase Turns the iPad Airs Into Icons With the New Tablet Sleeve Case

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The Icon from Incase is as simple as it gets when it comes to iPad protection. Compatible with both iPad Air and iPad Air 2, the tablet sleeve is crafted from a combination of neoprene and tensaerlite. The mix of two materials ensures durable protection on the outside and soft anti-scratch interior, while keeping the case on the lightweight side. The sleeve features no locks providing immediate access to the device, but thanks to a clever top opening construction users can rest assure the tablet won’t slip out accidentally.

About Incase:
We design solutions centered on protection and mobility to meet the demands of today's creatives. Our products promote design simplicity and beautiful utility at the convergence of lifestyle and technology.

We are driven to provide a better experience through good design. Inspiration, ideation and implementation are the fundamental stages of our product development process. Our designers employ exacting design protocols that ensure our products constantly evolve to meet the evolving needs of creative professionals performing on an ever-expanding Apple platform ecosystem of tools. Pushing innovation through new construction techniques and materials, our products are built to last. There is no detail too small.

Simple tablet sleeve for the iPad Air and iPad Air two made from neoprene and tensaerlite – Incase Icon

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