Cover Up the iPad Mini With a Versatile Leather Case From Manvex

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Manvex presented a highly functional folio tablet case for the whole iPad Mini family – Leather Case. Designed from top notch leather material, the case ensures perfect protection from everyday bumps and bruises. The interior side is lined with soft suede eliminating the risk of scratching. The tablet rests within a special pouch without any possibility to slip out, but at the same time its ports and buttons are open to free access. The case comes with integrated stand feature offering stable viewing angles thanks to built-in grooves. There’s also auto sleep/wake support saving battery life and a secure magnetic lock.

About Manvex:
Manvex began with one simple premise: we can design a better product. We’re not just in the business of creating coveted accessories for electronic devices, but everything we do is designed to bring you the latest in design and the best in quality. Our mission is to create innovative products that are stylish, practical and unique. Whether it’s designing for the latest device or partnering with cutting-edge artists for a custom experience, we’re constantly innovating. In an industry saturated with generic mediocrity, Manvex stands out as a brand with true ingenuity and panache.

All-round protection, stable integrated stand, and sleep/wake support for the iPad Minis – Manvex Leather Case

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