Top 5 Best Allview Viva i8 Cases

  • Kroo The Edge
  • Cooper Infinite Cam Universal
  •  Belkin Universal Cover
  • Tuff-Luv Pro-Go
  • Cooper Diplomat

Launched back in November 2013 the Viva i8 from Allview is a great, affordable alternative to expensive 8” tablets from Apple and Samsung. Powered by Dual-Core 2GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM, the tablet is perfect for anything form multimedia and entertainment to business programs and educational apps. It offers 16 GB of built-in space, which can be further extended up to 32 GB via microSD card. Protecting the Viva i8 is just as important, and many leading manufacturers are offering their accessories to keep the device safe. This selection shows top 5 best Allview Viva i8 cases for a variety of purposes.

5. Kroo The Edge

The Edge designed by Kroo is a universal folio tablet case capable of keeping any 7-8” tablet safe from everyday harm. All-round protection is enhanced by durable materials and three-sided clamp locking, which keeps the access to all ports and buttons open, but prevents the tablet from slipping out. The case doubles up as an integrated stand with multiple viewing positions. There’s a secure elastic strap lock, keeping the folio shut when not in use. The case comes in a variety of color options allowing everyone to choose the color that best suits their style.

Buy it now from Kroo for $34.99

Universal tablet folio case with decent protective capabilities, elastic strap lock, and versatile integrated stand – Kroo The Edge

4. Cooper Infinite Cam Universal

Another universal tablet folio case comes from Cooper and features four-point mounting system, which claps the tablet inside the case preventing any accidental slip outs. The best feature of this folio is the small tab on the back, which helps the integrated stand offer highly stable viewing positions. There’s also an elastic strap lock to secure the case when the device is unused. The soft interior lining prevents the tablet’s screen from getting scratched.

Buy it now for $17.95

Stablet integrated stand and four-point mounting system universally compatible with a variety of tablets – Cooper Infinite Cam Universal

3. Belkin Universal Cover

A bit on the expensive side, but Belkin Universal Cover is the ultimate tablet folio when it comes to protecting 7-8”devices. High-quality materials ensure perfect impact safety on the outside and decent scratch and smudge protection on the inside. All ports and buttons are freely accessible while the tablet rests inside the case. Integrated stand functionality allows users to choose the viewing position they desire.

Buy it now from Belkin for $39.99

Quality tablet folio case for 7-8”devices with integrated stand and decent scratch protection on the inside – Belkin Universal Cover

2. Tuff-Luv Pro-Go

The Pro-Go from Tuff-Luv is a multi-functional tablet messenger bag, which can accommodate a variety of tablet devices next to a number of daily necessities. The case comes with several compartments and pockets allowing easy organization, and features special padded compartments to keep the tablets safe. Exterior material repels dust and water splashes allowing users to live their active lives to the fullest. There’s an adjustable shoulder strap offering comfy mobility and a couple of zippered pockets on both sides.

Buy it now for $54.95

Versatile tablet messenger bag with padded tablet compartment and additional pockets on the outside and inside – Tuff-Luv Pro-Go

1. Cooper Diplomat

Looking for a multi-purpose tablet folio for the Viva i8? Check out the Diplomat case from Cooper. This folio combines all-round protection with versatile functionality including an integrated stand, card slots, and a smaller pocket for important documents. High-quality materials make the case stand out from the crowd and ensure the tablet is safe from daily dangers. Soft interior lining keeps the screen scratch and smudge free, while elastic strap lock shuts the folio when the device is not in use.

Buy it now for $24.95

Functional tablet folio case with multiple card slots and a small interior pocket, integrated stand, and a strap lock – Cooper Diplomat
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