iStyles Flag Themed Tablet Skin


Finding that exactly correct accessory to personalize the tablet can be quite a challenge for those seeking something unique yet eye-catchingly iconic, as well as something inexpensive yet sturdy. iStyles comes to the rescue of tablet owners looking to jazz up their devices in personalized fashion with flair and style at a great price. Patterned in a range of thousands of designs, iStyles also make available equally attractive downloadable wallpapers to transform the entire exterior of the tablet to your liking. And don’t let that “i” in “iStyles” fool you either: these distinctive skins are available for a range of one popular tablet models not named iPad.

**If you're tablet is not shown and/or you are looking for a specific pattern design, please contact us for assistance.

Editor's Rating 

This accessory producer now has available an outstanding range of iStyles tablet skins that transform some of the most popular tablets into a vibrant conversation piece, right down to a free, appropriately-designed wallpaper to make the design seamless. The offerings from are too numerous to list here – at the time of this writing, over 2,100 patterns created by nearly as many designers were available – but it is well noteworthy that iStyles skins are custom-designed more than just the iPad. Among the models that the brand caters to are Amazon Kindles, Acer Iconia Tabs, Google Nexus tablets, Microsoft Surfaces, Samsung Galaxy Notes and Tabs, Kobo tablets, and of course, those popular Apple devices. Application of an iStyle tablet skin is simplicity itself: The polymer-based skin is essentially a pair of two large thick stickers that adheres to front and back sides of the given device. The front piece is a bit trickier to place perfectly, given the cutout shape, but any slight difficulty is easily fixed because the iStyle’s adhesive leaves no residue and maintains its stickiness for at least a few removals and replacements. On that note, Tablet2Cases’ test of iStyles showed no serious loss of adhesion after three applications/reapplications, but these won’t stand for multiple removals. A wise choice, however, guarantees a distinctive and interesting look for the tablet for as long as the user wishes.


  • Attractive wide range of designs
  • Free wallpaper unifies the chosen theme
  • Easy adhesion and removal

            Overall: GREAT

            iStyles has produced creative designs for adhesives and stickers of all types for years; so it’s little wonder what the company manufactures could well be the best skins for any popular tablet on the market today. The only downside: Trying to decide from among the thousands of designs for that perfect iStyle – but you know it’s out there.


            • Available for a variety of tablets
            • Premium grade cast vinyl
            • Glossy laminate finish
            • Unique weaved adhesive
            • Easy to apply and residue free
            • UV-resistant ink
            • Thousands of available patterns and prints


                          Style Skin
                          Brand iStyles
                          Function Themed
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Plastic
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill, Customizable


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