PKG Skinny Leather 11” Tablet Sleeve


The leather version of the PKG Skinny brings the same positives to the tablet as its canvas material counterpart: Easy-carrying light weight, spacious extra pocket and some nicely dense padding in the interior for good protection against drops. Have we mentioned that this one’s composed of genuine leather? Available in two colors – one basic black and the other PKG dubs “tan,” though more to the brown end of the spectrum – the Skinny could be a must-have accessory for leather devotees.

Editor's Rating 

The PKG Skinny Leather tablet sleeve gets serious points for style, but would-be purchasers should make note that the extras are limited – and Tablet2Cases remains befuddled by the lack of shoulder strap, handstrap or even an option to add one of the two: With such an addition in place, the Skinny enters into the realm of the carry-all. Leaving the lacking features behind, the main positive feature in the PKG Skinny is the spacious exterior pocket. PR material for the Skinny touts this pocket as appropriate for an iPad Mini or 7”-8” tablet but unless carrying two devices at once, the pocket will likely serve as storage for documents, books, Smart Phone, etc. A small button strap closes up this exterior pocket; unfortunately, this can still leave the contents a bit exposed to outside elements. The interior lining is cotton material backed by some nicely dense padding which should help defend the tablet against fairly major drops or other incidents. Minus a point or two here for a lack of securing strap inside: Though an Apple iPad or virtually any 11” device will fit snugly enough, a little extra precaution would have been a good inclusion here. Potential ownership of a PKG Skinny Leather tablet case therefore appears to come down to a question of high-quality material’s importance. With a few pluses in its favor and a few minuses against, PKG can always take pride in genuine, attractive makeup of the Skinny.


  • Genuine leather (Need we say more?)
  • Nice spacious front exterior slip pocket
  • Fits larger tablet models

            Overall: GOOD

            What the PKG Skinny Leather has: genuine material and roomy exterior pocket. Both qualities put this tablet sleeve among the tops of its ilk. Perhaps we’re being a bit unfair in citing a lack of handle or strap and certain other “missing” features, but blame it on PKG. After all, the Skinny Leather is *this* close to being so much more than a leather tablet sleeve…


            • Fits most tablets up to 11” in size
            • Main compartment: 11.5 x 1.0 x 7.75 in (WDH)
            • Genuine top grain distressed leather body
            • Custom cotton striped lining
            • Easy access 3-sided zipper entry
            • Antique brass hardware
            • Rear stash pockets for small tablets and other accessories
            • Outer snap button pocket: 11.25 x .5 x 5.75 in. (WDH)
            • Available in black or tan leather


                          Tablet 10'' Tablet, 11'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand PKG
                          Function -
                          Price High End $80 - $149
                          Dimensions -
                          Exterior Material Leather
                          Closure Zipper
                          Features Pockets ,Smart Cover Compatible


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