Cooper X Klogi Teletubbies Themed iPad Mini 1/2/3 Kids Play Case in Red


It’s been a while since Tablet2Cases called on our own kids tablet case reviewers (a.k.a. daughters 7½-year-old Suzie and 6-year-old Sylvie), but this Teletubbies-themed case demanded their expertise. The verdict: The Cooper X Klogi protector case is just about as tough as that old Speck iGuy. Perhaps not quite as friendly and fun, but still a great best case scenario for the young frequent Apple iPad Mini user.

Editor's Rating 

It’s been over a year since Suzie and Sylvia were last called upon by Tablet2Cases to provide their expertise – and if anything, they love that iPad more than ever. While the similarly-shaped and constructed Speck iGuy is still being used around the house, we tried out the new Cooper X Klogi Teletubbies themed case . The girls immediately commented about the slightly less friendly design. As opposed to the iGuy’s humanoid arms and legs, the Cooper X Klogi case has distinctive Teletubbies-like antennae at top, which did not sway Sylvie away from her “Little Man.” On the other hand, Suzie (the-new-Angry Birds addict) found immediate use for this one. With no arms or legs at the sides, games are easier to play in smaller spaces (you know, like hiding places). Without discernible legs to stand up on, this protective case relies on a wider base for support. As in the iGuy, the tablet stand design here works well enough for straight-up video viewing, but won’t stay standing with stronger taps to the screen. And this parent is happy to say that the rubber Cooper X Klogi Teletubbies-themed case stands up just as well to the little ones’ punishment as the iGuy or the M-Edge Super Shell. Meanwhile, does this mean I’m going to have to buy Suzie an iPad Mini...?


  • Good tough foam-rubber exterior
  • Easy for kids to grip and carry
  • Very cleanable

            Overall: GOOD

            The Cooper X Klogi Teletubbies-themed case is colorful, friendly, tough, easy to use and just plain ol’ cute. This is a certain best case scenario for those parents seeking an inexpensive way to keep their iPad Mini safe and interactive in the hands of their little ones.


            • Specially designed for use only with the Apple iPad Mini
            • Made of non-toxic EVA foam material
            • Soft, squishy lightweight design is fun and safe for children
            • Clear access to all tablet buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera
            • Freestanding design for browsing and watching videos
            • iPad Mini buttons/switches are covered for added protection
            • Durable soft foam design protects against drops and impact


                          Tablet Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini 2, Apple iPad Mini 3
                          Style Play, Rugged & Tough
                          Brand Cooper Cases
                          Function Kids, School
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions -
                          Exterior Material Rubber
                          Closure -
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Rugged/Tough


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