Tuff-Luv Embrace Kindle Fire/Kindle Keyboard Folio Case review


No open seats on the public transport? Not a problem with this Tuff-Luv solution, a slim folio case that features a built-in hand strap for the user to hold their gadget securely in one hand, leaving the other free to hold on tight to a rail or handle during those crowded, bumpy rides on the bus, metro or commuter train.

Editor's Rating 

Tuff-Luv has designed the “Embrace Case” for compatible use with the Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard or Kobo wifi, incorporating four corner straps to hold any one of these e-readers secure inside. This case has an integrated elastic band that keeps the cover firmly fastened during transport, allowing the faux-leather and micro-suede interior to work their magic as reliable protectors against everyday wear and tear. I really like the soft feel of the exterior, but once opened, the built-in hand strap will provide a more dependable grip of the case. Some hands may feel like they are being forced into an awkward position, but I think most can tolerate the fit. The design maintains clear access to device controls and features, and also includes a Stylus holder.


  • Embrace book-style case handmade in faux leather
  • Recessed band which allows you to hold and read your tablet one handed
  • Clear access to all buttons/controls
  • Elastic strap for secure closure


                Tablet Kindle Fire
                Style Folio
                Brand Tuff-Luv
                Function Budget $1 - $39
                Price -
                Dimensions -
                Exterior Material Faux-Leather
                Closure Strap
                Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Hand Strap


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