Cooper Origami Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 Folio


Do you like sophistication in engineering more than elegance in design? Cooper Cases introduces the Origami folio case, a practical solution that won’t make either your iPad Mini feel any heavier or wallet any lighter. And you need not be an expert at the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The unique cover is preset to do most of the folding for you, quickly converting a sleeping iPad Mini tablet into hands-free browsing and video-watching modes.

Editor's Rating 

Some of us can’t even fold a napkin just right, but this Cooper case is super easy to use. Borrowing from Japanese Origami techniques, this intuitive design shaves weight off by using the same magnets for locking the cover, sleep/wake activation, and fastening the tablet stand feature.

Unfortunately, due to relatively weak magnets, the user often needs to press firmly down on the cover in order to hear the click that confirms the tablet has been put to sleep. The other small drawback is that no true angle for typing is offered here because the cover lacks an extra panel needed to create a stable support for this particular work mode. But if you need a steady hands-free support for browsing and viewing in either format, the Cooper Origami will deliver.

If you wish your tablet to be safe from both light drops of rain and some accidental falls to the ground, then the Cooper Origami can provide such protection with its textured polyurethane cover and plastic backer. While the model that Tablet2Cases received did have some frayed edges in the cover, for the most part, the Origami folio promises to be a reliable mate to the iPad Mini tablet. If you seek added protection and function without increasing your tablet’s size, then this affordable Cooper case may be your best case scenario.


  • Lightweight, slim design
  • Below average price
  • Stand support in both formats

            Overall: OKAY

            The Cooper Origami folio is a best case scenario for iPad Mini owners who value practicality. In providing generous protection and function in a slim, lightweight package, this one is certainly a nice affordable option for every day tablet use. And speaking of options, the Cooper Origami comes in choice of black, red, orange, baby blue and grey.


            • Exclusively designed for use with the Apple iPad Mini
            • 8-panel Origami-style smart cover design with magnetic lock
            • Automatic sleep/wake function
            • Soft microfiber-like interior protects the screen
            • Snap-in plastic frame holds the tablet secure
            • Cutouts for all tablet buttons, ports, speakers and camera
            • Folding cover transforms into a tablet stand for viewing modes
            • Supports the display at 45° angle in portrait format
            • Supports 55° and 65° angles in landscape format
            • Spill-resistant exterior
            • Net weight: 125 g / 4.4 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini 2, Apple iPad Mini 3
                          Style Folio
                          Brand Cooper Cases
                          Function School
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions 5.5 X .67 X 8.0 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Polyurethane
                          Closure Magnetic
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Sleep/Wake Cover ,Stand Feature


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