Cooper Smiley Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 / 7.0 Keyboard Folio


The Cooper Smiley tablet keyboard case transforms your Galaxy Tab P1000 into a classroom tool. The build-in Bluetooth silicone keyboard has a silent touch to prevent disrupting the classroom lecture. And the material is also dust/waterproof, so you can even use this in the cafeteria without any worry for food crumbs and drink spills.

Editor's Rating 

The black PU leather design will certainly fit in at the office, but I don't think the keyboard will appeal to a professional. The removable Bluetooth keyboard is slightly different than the standard design, replacing the function keys is a top row of ‘smiley’ symbols for expressing emotions when you want to chat with your friends. And the silicone material ensures quiet key strokes, so you have less to fear about getting caught by your teacher or the librarian. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is held secure inside by a nice-fitting bezel frame design that leaves clear access to all controls and features, including its rear-facing camera. On the backside is a kickstand that is held in place by a magnet and once released it can display the tablet in up to three different angles. In order to prevent it from dangling over the display, the cover strap folds back to magnetically attach to the kickstand. I already mentioned the unique set of keys, but the rest of the design is QWERTY style with 82 total keys. It’s powered by a lithium battery, which provides up to 45 hours of uninterrupted use, with a charging time of 4-5 hours (USB charging cable include).


  • 15 unique face symbol shortcuts
  • Dust/spill-proof silicone buttons
  • 45 hour battery life

            Overall: MEDIOCRE

            Perhaps not for business professionals, but the Cooper Smiley keyboard folio is certainly a best case scenario for students.


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