Cooper Mons 360 Apple iPad 1 Car Mount


Since it lacks a GPS function, why would you possibly want to integrate an iPad into your car? A fair question to ask, but here is how the Cooper Mons versatile car mount can respond - connect it to a console panel or windshield and access the maps app on your device - a good start for answering the main issue at hand. Or run the iTunes player - no more annoying commercials, endless talk-radio chatter and/or loosing reception. But here is the real kicker, the suction-cup can latch onto a variety of surfaces for this solution to have many other facets of use beyond an automobile.

Editor's Rating 

The Cooper Mons car mount is a two-piece design predominantly made of hard plastic. It consists of a back shell to fit the iPad and an arm pedestal with rubber suction-cup that securely attaches to a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, porcelain-ceramic, and most to plastic-based materials (I do recommend first testing the suction-cup with the desired surface before snapping on the shell with tablet enclosed). The back of the shell-casing features a ball-bearing joint for rotating the tablet 360 degrees between landscape/portrait formats, as well as tilting it left/right and up/down. The bendable arm is covered with plastic, but contains a pliable metal rod on the inside so you can twist and manipulate it in any possible direction and way. Contrary to metal types that require bolts/screws for mounting, this unit incorporates a hinge-style lock, which allows for quick mounting and release - so beyond a car, you can easily transfer this design for use on a boat/yacht, inside an RV camper or aircraft, and also around the home or office for operating as a tablet stand case or wall mount tablet cases . Though functional as is, perhaps two additional purchases can make it even better - an anti-glare guard (unless your car has tinted windows), and an adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter for charging your device while on the move.


  • Can mount on a variety of surfaces
  • 360° tablet display rotation
  • Range of display angles

            Overall: MEDIOCRE

            As a cyclist and pedestrian, why would I vouch for an accessory that can possibly distract a driver’s attention? Simple, the Cooper Mons doesn’t cost very much and it is as easy to operate as your car. Perhaps what influences my recommendation even more is its versatile design for extended use beyond an automobile.


            • Exclusively designed to fit the Apple iPad 1
            • Lightweight hard plastic design
            • Rubber suction-cup mount securely attaches to a variety of different surfaces
            • Detachable back protector shell
            • Clear access to all tablet buttons and input/output ports
            • Ball-bearing socket rotates display 360°, tilts up/down and pans left/right
            • Bendable arm moves the screen display in any direction


                          Tablet 8'' tablets, 9'' tablets
                          Style Car Mount
                          Brand Cooper Cases
                          Function Travel
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Plastic


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