Cooper Kaleidoscope iPad 2 Back Protector in Green


We can see a sparkle in your eye, so you must have just purchased the iPad 2. The Cooper Kaleidoscope back protector can be an ideal compliment. The design is specially cut to form-fit the gem of tablet computers, and has a sleek, shiny green-yellow diamond pattern design to match that gleam in your eye

Editor's Rating 

The Cooper Kaleidoscope can satisfy those who demand simple protection for a very affordable cost. This back protector is made of hard plastic-like PVC material. The design is precisely cut to snap-fit the iPad 2 and give the user unobstructed access to all external ports, buttons, and use of the rear-facing camera. With a lightweight and trim form, this accessory functions well to supply added protection for your device when stored inside a large tablet bag. But then again, we think you would prefer to try and mesmerize others with its shiny reflective pattern design that has a kaleidoscope-like effect.


  • Distinctive color and pattern design Access to all external ports and rear-facing camera Lightweight and trim design

          Overall: OKAY

          Granted, the Cooper Kaleidoscope is certainly not the most priceless of gems, but it can still serve some basic purpose as a low-cost solution.


                        Tablet Apple iPad 2
                        Style Shell
                        Brand Cooper Cases
                        Price Budget $1 - $39
                        Exterior Material Plastic


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