Mapi Cases Kolossa iPad 2/3/4 Leather Folio review


Fancy yourself a smart dresser? Then envision your iPad 2 or iPad 3 fitted with this exquisite genuine leather case by Mapi Cases. The Kolossa dresses your gadget equally snazzy and stylish, and the cover design will have it functioning just as smart too.

Editor's Rating 

It appears there is turf-war occurring in Turkey about who can design and create the best leather case for your tablet – Beyza Cases or Mapi Cases? Well, I believe both are experts at their craft, the main difference being this brand’s solutions are generally more affordable. Like this folio tablet case , which is similar to, but priced lower than its rival counterpart the Executive II by Beyza Cases. The Kolossa can accommodate either the iPad 2 or the New iPad 3 and maintains clear access to all controls and features, including the rear-facing camera. The bezel here is different than the one on the Executive II, or most cases for that matter, as rather than the standard stretch-to-fit design, its sides are built-up like a small wall. Such a design suggests that, in addition to full-body coverage against bumps, dings, dirt and scratches, your device may even survive a few minor accidental drops as well. The iPad 2 Kolossa case has concealed magnets that function very well in keeping the cover securely fastened during transport, as well as awaking and putting the device when opening/closing. The magnets also ensure that the panels in the cover stay connected for stable tablet stand support. If there is one complaint I have about smart cover designs is that they are tad wobbly when touching the screen during browsing modes, and this is no different here. Still, this feature is reliably sturdy for typing and hand-free viewing purposes.


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Leather Case
  • Clear access to all device controls/features
  • Support for browsing, typing and viewing
  • Magnets for secure closure and sleep/wake function

              Overall: Good

              If you love to indulge yourself with the some of the finest luxuries that life has to offer, the “Kolossa” for iPad 2/iPad 3 is a smart choice for your device!


              • A unique, full cover case for the iPad 2 and new iPad
              • Allows for multiple positions for comfortable typing, video chatting or watching a movie
              • Hand crafted from high quality leather
              • Creased cover design enables two stand positions
              • Auto sleep/wake cover secured with concealed magnetic closures
              • Super soft lining that protects against abrasions and scratches
              • Lightweight, durable, and scratch resistant
              • Delivered with a luxurious drawstring pouch that can be used for storage


                              Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                              Style Portfolio
                              Brand Mapi case
                              Function Business, Mens, Womens
                              Price Luxury $150+
                              Dimensions 7.5 X .67 X 9.8 in (WDH)
                              Exterior Material Leather


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