Cooper NaturPro iPad Air Multi Wood Leather Flip Case


A contemporary design is the first thing you notice about the smooth quality of the Cooper NaturPro case, made to form-fit iPad Air. The handmade wooden cover uses natural Bamboo wood for a clean and smart appearance while promising some protective elements both inside and out.

Editor's Rating 

The Cooper NaturPro wooden folio case is not much to look at upon first glance. But it has some useful features hidden away inside that you'll soon discover and appreciate. For starters, the case is crafted with natural Bamboo wood providing a strong sturdy cover for your tablet while the leather bound binding offers the user a moderately comfortable grip.

The cover for the case appears to mark easily and this is where the NaturPro case loses some points. However, with a little care it makes for a decent case that will protect your valuable iPad tablet inside. The great thing about the Cooper NaturPro case is its attractive price, as a budget choice it is ideal for users who spend a lot of time on the tablet and don’t really travel with it a lot. Though wherever you use this case it is recommended not to use it in high humidity environments with a lot of moisture, this can cause the natural wood to warp and separate from the case.

One feature iPad user's will love is the discreet sleep/wake magnet which greatly extends the amount of time between charging your battery once your tablet is in sleep mode, as well as the joy to start using the tablet immediately upon opening the case cover. Theintegrated stand is a clever idea to include, and it works well with this case, allowing you to easily prop the tablet for either typing or viewing modes.

One thing worth mentioning is that this case is handmade with natural wood and comes complete with an authentic strong pungent glue substance smell when first purchased, owing to the materials used to bind the case together. That creates a very unpleasant smell you should avoid if you’re sensitive to glue fumes. To correct this, we recommend simply leaving the case in a ventilated area for a day or two to air out.


    • Natural wood cover
    • Leather binding for style and comfort
    • Integrated display stand

    Overall: Average

    The Cooper NaturPro is a somewhat modest-looking case, yet despite its generic appearance the NaturPro provides all the features/functions that iPad users should expect in a folio-style case. Though overall just average, the NaturPro is still a tempting case that proudly offers simplicity, ease of use and a very generous low price for appealing to most any iPad owner.

                                          Style Folio
                                          Brand Cooper Cases
                                          Function Business, Mens, School, Womens
                                          Price High End $80 - $149
                                          Exterior Material  Fabric


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