Subtech Sports DRYSKIN Apple iPad 2/3/4 Waterproof Skin


The folks at Subtech Sports couldn’t have done better in providing any iPad owner affordably-priced, excellent protection for the tablet against outdoor conditions. A little effort is required to get the iPad into the transparent polyurethane sleeve, but the second skin-like fit that the DRYSKIN provides is worth it. And speaking of worth, the price of around $30 makes this a best case scenario for extreme weather or underwater – particularly in the short term.

Editor's Rating 

In the Subtech Sports DRYSKIN, what first strikes the iPad owner is the ease of use. The main piece of the DRYSKIN is a simple polyurethane sleeve; the iPad is fitted into the sleeve with some effort at first, but once the tablet is in, the sleeve provides a truly sheer fit over the iPad. The tight fit of this flexible polymer now shields the tablet from any conditions nature can throw at it: dust, dirt, water, and snow. The DRYSKIN allows for complete use of the iPad touchscreen, buttons and rear-camera. No cutout for the speaker exists of necessity for the waterproof design, so the user will have to accept some sound loss. (Hey, if you’re using this underwater, you’re probably going to be *making* videos, not watching them.) The DRYSKIN is sealed by way of an adhesive strip, which includes an indicator that changes color should the case not be completely sealed watertight. Unfortunately, the only way to use the indicator is to submerge the encased iPad in water, which kinda seems like it may be too late already – Just make sure the fit is as tight as possible. Three adhesive fasteners are included for one-time use only: For the iPad owner often using the device in extreme conditions, no problem. Otherwise, the DRYSKIN may be best recommended for those needing top-notch protection in short-term situations – say for a campout or Scuba diving.


  • Excellent weather-proof protection
  • Easy to use

Overall: OKAY

    Intuitive use makes the Subtech Sports DRYSKIN well notable among waterproof accessories. For full protection, the brand does advise consumers that the DRYSKIN should not be refitted more than three times, and to use a new sealing tape each time. All in all, the DRYSKIN is a textbook example of simplicity done right … if only that adhesive were somehow reusable.


        • Designed exclusively for use with the Apple iPad 2 or new iPad 3/4
        • Transparent polyurethane plastic design
        • 100% water, dirt, sand and snow proof
        • Design allows for complete use of iPad buttons, camera and touchscreen
        • User can take underwater photos/videos in depths up to 5m/16ft
        • Package includes: 1x DRYSKIN, 3x sealing tapes and 1x waterproof indicator
        • Ultra-slim fit design only .2mm
        • Ultra-lightweight only 14g /.49 oz


                                              Style Skin, Waterproof
                                              Brand Subtech Sports
                                              Function Outdoor
                                              Price Budget $1 - $39
                                              Exterior Material  Polyurethane
                                              Features Waterproof


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