5 Best Strategy Games for Tablets


Strategy games are an easy way to have fun and workout your brain at the same time. These types of games can be as simple as checkers or as complicated as chess and have been around since ancient times.


Tablet and smartphone technology has enabled a whole new class of strategy games to be developed. From fantasy, to sci fi and beyond thousands of strategy games exist in Google Play and the App Store. Check out the best of the best below. 


Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans allows users to create a village from the ground up, build up an army and then attack opponents. When your village is safe, attack others to gain money and trophies. This money can be used to turn your small village into a fortress, impenetrable from attack. Join a clan and participate in clan wars against people across the world. The game is free for iOS and Android but in app purchases can be made.



Plague, Inc


Plague is a strategy game where users attempt to infect the world with a plague. Choose between different types of infections and then make choices on how you want the plague to spread. Then see how fast you can wipe out all of humanity. Plague is the number 1 strategy game globally and has more than 1 billion plays. The app is localized for 12 languages and features an in app tutorial that walks players through the game. The app costs .99 cents and is available for iOS and Android.



Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone is a strategy card game, where you play the hero. Create unique decks of cards and then battle against players around the globe. Not ready to play a real person? Practice against the computer and learn how to cast spells and summons minions. The more times the game is played the more cards are unlocked, enabling you to create a stronger deck. The game features cross platform functionality, allowing for game play on tablets, smartphones and even PCs. Hearthstone is the most popular card strategy game on the market and is free for iOS and Android.



Have a Friend?

Download Chess Free or Checkers Free and challenge your friends to the most popular strategy games of all time!


Have fun and workout your brain by playing one or all of these strategy games perfect for your tablet. Have a strategy game you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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