Saddleback Leather Co. Tablet Bag Will Certainly Outlive Your Tablet

Saddleback Leather Co. didn’t spend long hours on naming their latest tablet messenger bag, but they did do a great job coming up with a great-looking and highly functional case. The Table Bag is compatible with any current tablet device and even laptop up to 12 inches in size. The genuine leather material is of the sturdiest kind, covered by 100 year warranty, and will protect the tech inside from everyday bumps and bruises. There’s a riveted handle and an adjustable shoulder strap offering various carrying options. There are several pockets and a secure locking mechanism to keep the bag closed up when not in use.

About Saddleback Leather Co.:
The inspiration for this company all began with its founder, Dave Munson, commissioning a local Mexican artisan to create a single leather bag that would withstand the test of time. Once back in the USA, Dave’s bag received many admiring glances and compliments, and so he returned to Mexico in order to have more made, and soon Saddleback Leather Company was launched. If you are looking for a quality leather case or bag that represents classic and vintage style, then this Texas-based brand is a good place to start.

Within the company’s vast collection of products are 3 Saddleback Leather iPad cases . They offer a book tablet case , one for each version of the Apple iPad, and priced at $104 to target high-end consumers. The other is a tablet sleeve for the iPad 1, with a $55 price tag that makes it a great opportunity for mid-range consumers to acquire a high-end quality accessory for their particular budget.

Dave’s bag is still alive today, so it is only fitting that he and his company creates leather accessories that are built to last, and will attract the attention of many during your daily and worldly adventures. If indeed this is what you are after, then you should definitely buy Saddleback Leather tablet cases.

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