Booq Squeezes Cobras to Shield Laptops and Tablets Inside a New Bag

The Cobra Squeeze from Booq is a unique tablet bag featuring one-of-a-kind design. The case is made to fit up to 15 inch laptops beside any sized tablets and an array of other stuff. The bag is crafted from highly durable and water-resistant bionic fabric, and comes packed with pockets and slots both on the inside and the outside. The laptop and the tablet receive dedicated padded compartments, while other pockets are either locked with zippers just like the main compartment, or are simply form fitting. The case sports super-comfy shoulder straps and a handle offering easy ways to carry it around.

About Booq:

Booq is all about those who value creative passion and promote creative ambition. We do not exist for those who fear change, nor do we work for those who resist it. The Booq brand supports those who passionately work to inspire, initiate and create new ideas, sometimes against all odds and seemingly better judgment.

Booq was founded by Thorsten Trotzenberg, a German native, product design graduate of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, and founding partner of 3Gen LLC, now the world's leading maker of handheld skin cancer screening devices marketed under the DermLite brand. Booq started in 2002 as a garage operation based in Burbank, California, and the privately held family company moved to Sierra Madre, a creative community in the foothills above Los Angeles, in 2003.

Run by a small team of highly motivated creative individuals who are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service to some of the world's most ambitious and innovative individuals, it is our customer's creative work that gives us all the inspiration we need to stay focused and create great products. In turn, we hope that our work inspires others to do the same, and we look forward to helping you move your next ambitious idea farther for many years to come.

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